Juicy Cologne, well-known for its captivating fresh and sweet scents, is pleased to announce its eagerly awaited media launch. This event is set to ignite a wave of excitement from both trendsetters and scent and beauty enthusiasts alike. With the unveiling of a new brand endorser and an exhilarating television commercial (TVC), Juicy Cologne is ready to spread its sweetness.

The sweetest addition to the Juicy Cologne family is none other than the charismatic singer, model, and New Gen Phenomenal Actress, Belle Mariano. Known for her mesmerizing performances and sweet personality, Belle Mariano perfectly embodies the essence of Juicy Cologne—a blend of elegance, confidence, and sweetness. Her unique ability to captivate the people around her and leave a lasting impression aligns seamlessly with Juicy Cologne's vision to empower individuals to exude confidence and let their sweetness shine.

With the exciting news of Belle Mariano joining the Juicy Cologne family, the media launch will show the exclusive launch of its newest TVC, which embodies the essence of the brand. Packed with energy, positivity, and tons of sweetness, the TVC will transport viewers into a world where the Juicy Cologne scent becomes an enticing call to embrace positivity and make a lasting impression. The TVC also promises to be a visual feast that showcases the brand's commitment, dedication, and ability to approach life with confidence.

Juicy Cologne's media launch marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for the brand. With the newest member of the Juicy Cologne family and a captivating TVC set to attract audiences, Juicy Cologne continues to redefine the art of scent and empower individuals to leave an unforgettable impression. Let Your Sweetness Shine!

About the brand: Juicy Cologne

Juicy Cologne is a local brand launched by Cosmetique Asia as the company's first foray into the fragrance industry. With a commitment to using the best quality ingredients, Juicy Cologne consistently delivers, captivating scents that leave a lasting impression. Juicy Cologne has established itself as a brand that embodies freshness, confidence, sweetness, and self-expression. As the journey continues, Juicy Cologne wants to encourage everyone to embrace their individuality, have confidence, and let their sweetness shine!

8 Juicy Cologne Scents

Up, Up, and Away possesses a personality that is playful, curious, whimsical, and has a playful and energetic quality.

Sweet Delights exudes a personality that is irresistibly sweet, kind, and endearing, and captures the essence of warmth and tenderness.

Angel's Bliss has a personality that inspires confidence, leaving a trail of assurance and poise wherever it goes. 

Sprightly Sprinkle has a vibrant and lively personality, as well as a cheerful, high-spirited, and zestful aura. 

Sugar Frosting has a personality that is charming, lovely, and adorable and creates a welcoming environment for everyone around.

Icylicious' personality can be described as snappy, cool, and refreshing, and it has a fresh and invigorating scent, complementing an active and on-the-go lifestyle. 

Orange Twist’s defining characteristic is that it’s trendy and embraces the latest fashion and style trends, staying popular and relevant.

Dreamsicle emanates a personality that is innocent, simple, dreamy, and has the essence of purity, authenticity, and reflection. 

Key Visual

This key visual embodies the essence of the brand, as it tells a story of beauty, confidence, and sweetness that come from within.

At the center of the key visual is the newest and sweetest addition to the Juicy Cologne family, Belle Mariano, as a symbol of the brand’s grace and sweetness. In the background are delicate sketches of flowers, leaves, plants, and butterflies, with their vibrant colors infusing the scene with a sense of natural beauty and enchantment. The elements that are flowing out of Belle Mariano are tools for various passions, such as paint and cooking tools, and positive statements subtly hinting that she’s the source of inspiration and sweetness of things that surround her.

Through these key visuals, Juicy Cologne aims to convey the message that true sweetness comes from within by embracing the captivating world of Juicy Cologne, where the power of sweetness and confidence converge to create unforgettable moments and inspire everyone that you encounter.