It's the sweetest event of the summer season! Last June 27, fans of Juicy Cologne gathered at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel to launch the brand’s newest TV Commercial (TVC) and to welcome the newest member of the Juicy Cologne family, Belle Mariano!

The media launch, hosted by Justine Peña, was attended by over 100 people, including press, media, influencers, and fans of both Juicy Cologne and Belle Mariano. The event’s activities began as soon as guests entered the venue to see an interactive mirror photobooth as well as Juicy Cologne’s Pot of Sweetness booth! At the interactive mirror photobooth, attendees took photos with their friends, decorated them with doodles and Juicy Cologne stickers, and even had their photos printed on the spot for them to bring home, while at the Pot of Sweetness booth, guests were given a set of pot and succulent each with pot-sitivity stickers for use to decorate their pots in their own unique way.

As soon as the attendees finished their activities and sat at their tables, they were greeted by complimentary bottles of Juicy Cologne as well as a personalized card welcoming them to the media launch! The event began with guests engaging in a word cloud activity in which they were tasked to answer the question: What is sweetness to you? 

(Hosted by Justine Peña)

Following the word cloud, the guests’ attention was directed at the stage for the official premier of Juicy Cologne’s newest TVC featuring Belle Mariano and the brand’s eight ambassadors! Watch the newest TVC here. To introduce the TVC was Juicy Cologne’s VP of Finance & Marketing, Ms. Hennie Co-Yu! 

(Ms. Hennie Co-Yu, Cosmetique Asia Corporation VP of Finance & Marketing)


As attendees cheered once the TVC had ended, the screens separated to reveal Belle Mariano in a stunning red dress, ready to sing her song “Sigurado” to the crowd.

Once guests had settled down after Belle’s remarkable performance, guests were welcomed to ask her questions to get to know more about her and her relationship with Juicy Cologne. 

Following this, Belle then led the “Sweet Commitment” pledge as guests raised their unique Pots of Sweetness to mark the end of the main event. 

To truly immerse the attendees into the world and family of Juicy Cologne, each guest was given the opportunity to meet, greet, and take photos with the star of the day, Belle! To conclude the event, as guests were leaving, each of them was given a goodie bag full of their favorite Juicy Cologne scents for them to take home.

(“Name that Sweet Scent” game with Belle Mariano and fans)

(L-R: From Cosmetique Asia Corporation  Mr. Janssen Co, Ms. Jane Co, Ms. Juanita Co, Belle Mariano, Ms. Hennie Co-Yu, Ms. Raessy Angeles, and Ms. Dhea Baral)

As the Juicy cologne brand steps into a new era with its newest addition to the family, be sure to stay updated through our social media accounts!

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